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Footballer & Name – Personalised Wall Art – Vinyl Decal Sticker – 14 Colours


A cool sticker of a footballer with YOUR name! Also a great addition to your bedroom.

Name *

Enter the desired name here – please check spelling!

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Choose the colour of your sticker


Available in 14 colours!
See preview pic.


 All orders are shipped out within 24 hours

 Application Instructions:

1: When you receive your sticker, it will be sandwiched between a backing sheet and application tape. DO NOT remove any of the layers yet.

2: Position your sticker in place using the masking tape, leaving one end free.

3: Peel back the application tape gently, making sure the sticker is stuck on it. Discard the backing sheet.

4: Hold the sticker at the free end and pull tightly close to the surface but don’t let it touch the surface yet.

5: With the squeegee in the other hand, start applying some pressure on the sticker towards the inside, in an up-and-down movement until you reach the end. Remember to keep an eye on the alignment of your sticker.

6: Run the squeegee along your sticker a few time with more pressure to achieve strong adhesion.

7: Peel back the application tape gently, making sure not to peel the sticker off it.

8: If any air bubbles appear, you can pierce the edge with a needle and force the air out with your finger.

 A print-out of these instructions are included with your order!


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